What We’re Reading at the Book Group

By Bonnie Lindauer

The next book group discussion will be Sunday, July 24th about the novel Kalooki Nights by Howard Jacobson. This is a darkly comic novel probing Jewish identity.

The time period is the 1950s in an English Jewish community in Manchester, England. The chief protagonist is the narrator, Max Glickman, a cartoonist who is raised in a nonobservant household where his atheist father sought to make Jewishness less of a burden and his mother played kalooki, a rummylike game favored by Jews–he was educated on the Holocaust by childhood friends. It was meek Manny Washinsky who first shared the Scourge of the Swastica, leading the two of them to develop the comic-book-history Five Thousand Years of Bitterness, later published by Max.

“Jacobson’s prose is pure pleasure–concise, markedly insightful, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny–and his message, ultimately, is a heartbreaker. An exceptional novel.” (Michele Leber, Booklist).

If you’d like to join us on Sunday, July 24th 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm, you can borrow a copy from the “Book-in-the-Box” in the synagogue office.  (Be sure and sign your name on the list.)  Location of meeting  to be determined.

Learn more about the Book Club and what we’ve read in the past.

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