A Bissel to Nibble #10

A Short Shabbat Reflection from the Weekly Parsha by Rabbi Mark Melamuth

Parshat T’rumah (Exodus 25-27:19)

Following a long list of mishpatim, laws, and Moses’ mountaintop stay for 40 days and 40 nights upon Mt Sinai, we now learn the blueprint for the first portable, Israelite sanctuary, or tabernacle.  The plans for its construction and measurements are shared.  Also revealed are the valuable materials needed, which are to be provided by the people themselves, by their t’rumah, their gifts or offerings.  Once these are brought forth, then sacred space, a space that includes the presence of the Divine, enters physical and spiritual reality.

REFLECTION QUESTIONS:   What materials, gifts, or offerings do we deem valuable to us in the process of creating sacred space?  Where is your sacred space, and how is the presence of the Divine revealed there?

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi Mark

About Gabriele Lange

Multi Media Consultant in SF Bay Area WebDesign at City College 2008-2011 Professional Photographer since 1998 Lived in Berlin, Germany between 1987-1994
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