Tikkun Leyl Shavuot 5772/2012

A collaborative project of congregations Beth Israel Judea, B’nai Emunah, Ner Tamid and Or Shalom

When: May 26th 5pm to midnight

Where: Congregation Beth Israel Judea on Brotherhood Way

Who:  Seven local Rabbis and you!

What: Tantalizing Torah Study and a five course dinner


5:00-6:00         Pot Luck Dinner

Welcome and Songs/Kiddush & Hamotzi/Zemirot & Birkat Ha-Mazon with Cantor Linda Semi

6:00-7:30        1st Course

  1. Family Program with Deborah Schneider  (Fireside Room)
  2. Ma-ariv/Evening Service with David Morgenstern and R. Mark Melamut.  Followed by:

“Hasidic Text Study” with R. Meirah Illinsky (Social Hall)
What did the Israelites really hear on Mt. Sinai?

“The Torah of Torah” with R. Mark Melamut (Sanctuary)
Conversation and text study on various ways to understand what “torah” means, and the meaning and relevance of its study.

7:30-8:00        2nd Course

  1. Ice Cream Bar and Presentations from Family Program
  2. Shalom Chaverim to Families

8:00-9:30        3rd Course

“What if the Torah is not True?” with R. Moshe Levin (Fireside Room)
A talk on developing awe and sanctity for our sacred scripture in the light of modern science and critical Biblical studies.

“Truth and Dialogue” with R. Katie Mizrahi (Social Hall)
An interactive text study exploring the role of dialogue and diversity in Revelation.

9:30-10:00        4th Course

  1. Havdallah in the Foyer with Ricki Weintraub and R. Danny Gottlieb

10:00-11:30      5th Course (with cheesecake)

“Mitzvah:  Proof and Testament of God’s Love” with R. Danny Gottlieb (Social Hall)
A text study and interactive discussion of mitzvah in Jewish thought and liturgy.

“Jews and Racial Identity:  A Contemporary Civil Rights Controversy” with Batshir Torchio (Fireside Room)

11:30               Midnight Torah Service and L’chaim.

Led by David Cohen-Tzedek and R. Katie Mizrahi

About Gabriele Lange

Multi Media Consultant in SF Bay Area WebDesign at City College 2008-2011 Professional Photographer since 1998 Lived in Berlin, Germany between 1987-1994
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