From Our Past President

Sharon’s Farewell Speech May 26, 2012

By Sharon Bleviss

Thank you all for this honor. Thank you all for coming to share this day with me, particularly those who don’t come on Saturdays regularly, friends from elsewhere, Rabbi Ted and Gertrude, and my family.

Sharon Bleviss

Sharon Bleviss, immediate past president.

Although I have written in the Profile about this transition and spoken at the last board meeting and at the Annual General Meeting, I would like to say a few words here.

I feel a little like I am graduating as this event coincides with Shavuot, the traditional time for Confirmation class graduations.

This week we read parasha Bamidbar, which invokes my previous allusions to the state of B’nai Emunah over the past six years. I have spoken about how in the years after Rabbi Ted’s retirement, we were ourselves wandering in the wilderness, just like our ancestors. Well, as I transition to a new role on the Board, it is clear to me that indeed we are no longer wandering. We are not lost; we are not taking the long way to the promised land. In this metaphor, we are indeed there already.

And as I have pondered the last six years, I realize that there were really three phases:

I took on the job of president, as crazy as it seemed, out of hope.

I stayed, as crazy as it seemed, out of love.

I leave now, out of faith.

In fact, it is faith, EMUNAH, that has sustained us all throughout. Faith that we could pull off a miracle, faith that we would find the perfect rabbi, faith that our finances would improve, faith that our community would be sustained for our generation and those to come. We are truly B’nai Emunah, children of faith.

So thank you again for this moment. It has been truly an honor to serve this shul and all of you.

Shabbat Shalom.


Special presentations were made in honor of Sharon, by New President Pete Gleichenhaus, Vice Presidents Bonnie Gratch & Out going Elizabeth Halperin, Rabbi Mark, Kirk Anna, Alex and Andrew Whitlatch

A special Kiddush was help in her honor. Thank you to the following people who helped.

Gertrude Alexander

Haley DeLugach

Gabriele Edwards

Fori Green

Elizabeth Halperin

Jacqueline Jackson

April Lapidus

Bonnie Lindauer

Rochelle Nason

Cindy Prosterman

Art Rosenberg

Isadore Rosenthal

Mary Roth

Katie Safer

Janis Seeman

Cantor Linda Semi

Batshir Torchio

Diana Urman

Linda Wertheim

Anna Whitlatch

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