Welcome From Our New President

To Members of Congregation B’nai Emunah and Friends

By Pete Gleichenhaus

First, I am honored to have been elected President of our synagogue’s congregation. Thank you for your confidence. I look forward to serving with our Board members and providing each constituent with the kind of leadership you seek.

Pete Gleichenhaus

Newly elected president of B’nai Emunah, Pete Gleichenhaus.

Our Rabbi and Hazzan provide a quality of religious experience that is very special. That theological underpinning is critical to Congregation B’nai Emunah, and I intend to ensure the focus on that arena remains primary as we move forward. In that regard, I anticipate that our clergy will provide the leadership and guidance in that arena.

Additionally, as I said at the General Membership Meeting on 20 May, there are three areas where I believe focus is necessary. First is Membership. We must be what our vision implies, and that will help increase our numbers. I plan to ask our Board to affirm that “Our mission is to be the most welcoming, warm, and caring Jewish Faith community in both San Francisco and Northern San Mateo County. We support each other as we grow personally, spiritually, and Jewishly. We value diversity and egalitarianism.”

Second, I believe our Education and Youth Program needs emphasis and growth. There are some specific initiatives under consideration. Again, I will look to members of our Board to take a leadership role in this area.

Finally, I believe we need an orderly and organized succession arrangement. That aspect of our congregation must be addressed for our officers as well as our committee chairs. I have some specific ideas regarding that matter, and will look for support from our Board members and clergy.

Again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a role in the future of our very vibrant and wonderful congregation.


D. Peter Gleichenhaus
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

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