B’nai Emunah is Now Accepting Online Donations

Would you like to make a donation to B’nai Emunah without writing a check or picking up the phone?  Now you can do it with the click of the mouse.

We are now accepting donations on our website via credit card or your Paypal account, if you have one.  All credit card information is processed securely via PayPal.com; no credit card numbers are shared with B’nai Emunah.  We pay the processing fee, which is 2.2 percent plus 30 cents.

You can donate to the General Fund, the Rabbi’s and Cantor’s Discretionary Funds, or several special funds, such as the Esther Safer Scholarship Fund or the Ruth Callmann Retreat Fund.  You can make donations In Honor Of or In Memory Of a loved one, for any other purpose, or for no purpose at all.  You will receive an immediate e-mail acknowledgement of your donation from PayPal and your donation will be noted in the Profile.

You can make an online donation in any of three ways:

1.  Go to http://be-sf.org/donate.

2.  Go to the website (be-sf.org or bnaiemuanhsf.org).  Scroll down the page til you see a blue and white “Donate to B’nai Emunah” button in the far left column.  Click on the button.

3.  Go to the website (be-sf.org or bnaiemuanhsf.org).  Mouse over “Come Join Us” at the top of the screen.  Click on “Make a Donation”.

If you have questions, concerns, or other feedback, please contact Jeff Dielle at jeff@bnaiemunahsf.org.

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