High Holyday Greetings from Our President, Pete Gleichenhaus

Pete Gleichenhaus

Elul 5772 August 2012

To Members of Congregation B’nai Emunah and Friends,

Is it almost Tishrei again? And how does one remember exactly what is the year?

Well, the answer to the first question is “Yes.” Each of us is here and we are thankful. While we at “B’nai Emunah” have lost a few stalwart members during the past year, we have gained many too, and that is what extends and enriches a kehilla. We are fortunate that our Rabbi is committed to us into the future, and our hazzan has completed yet another year enriching our services. Also, some new leaders have stepped forward, and their ideas and efforts will be critical as they join a host of experienced congregants in doing what is necessary the keep B’nai Emunah vital.

I remind you of priorities for the year ahead. First, each of us must aid our Membership Committee, headed by Bonnie Gratch Lindauer, in spreading the word about the richness of the B’nai Emunah experience. Individuals join a kehilla for a variety of reasons, and each new member has a particular rationale. For those of us who are members, we need be active in promoting our shul. We need to be on the look out for individuals and families who are potential members. Each of us chooses to belong here, and our reasons are good arguments for why someone else might want to consider coming into our community.

Next, like almost all other congregations, we seem to have a special challenge invigorating our Youth program. In the near term, our long time President Sharon Bleviss along with Melissa Tauber lead the Education and Youth Committee of the Board. We are hopeful to have suggestions to consider that will enrich B’nai Emunah in this critical area of future growth. If you have ideas that will help us include more younger people in our kehilla, please offer those to Melissa and Sharon, or better yet consider joining their committee.

There is one more Board committee I want to highlight. Gabriele Lange is leading a campaign to enhance the appearance of our synagogue-the building itself. She has some good ideas, and together with a few other members hopefully will initiate action to bring us “up to date.” Again, if you have suggestions in this regard, communicate with Gabi.

Finally, to the second question above, if you remember. For me, it is pretty easy. I think about how old I am, and put 57 in front of that number. So, to each and every one of you, and to your families and our friends, l’shana tovah tekatevu; may you have a meaningful holiday season and a great 5773!!


D. Peter Gleichenhaus
Colonel, US Army (Retired)

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