A Bissel to Nibble #14 of 5773

A Short Shabbat Reflection from the Weekly Torah Portion by Rabbi Mark Melamut

*Bissel: (bis-sel) Yiddish. Meaning: “a little.”
“Give me a bissel lox on my bagel,
would you, darling?” A biselleh is even less.

Parshat Mishpatim (Exodus 25 – 27:19)

With the 10 Commandments now in written form, we are given the blueprints of a sacred home for them.  This week’s portion discusses the mishkan, the traveling wilderness sanctuary, and all of its furnishings.  These include, amongst other ritual items, the ark and its cover, overlayed in pure gold and flanked by cherubim at either end.  For the next several weeks we will focus on the very detailed description of our first, portable sanctuary.  These details follow from the sacred task, “And let them make Me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them.” (25:8)  G-d’s presence is not bound to this new physical home, but It does visit, linger and communicate with Moses, here, at this biblical “hotspot.”

What are the barriers that keep us disconnected, or make us feel not at home, when it comes to Jewish spiritual life?
Our surroundings have an influence upon us.  In what surroundings do you feel most connected to the Sacred in your life?
How can you “bottle up” this experience and take it with you wherever you go?

Shabbat shalom,

Rabbi Mark Melamut

About Gabriele Lange

Multi Media Consultant in SF Bay Area WebDesign at City College 2008-2011 Professional Photographer since 1998 Lived in Berlin, Germany between 1987-1994
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