Eagle Scout Project – B’nai Emunah Lobby Renovation

The TeamAndrew Whitlatch and his crew of volunteers spent a total of 20 hours over the weekend of March 2-3 renovating the B’nai Emunah lobby. On Saturday, the crew removed all fixtures and furniture before taking down the paneling that had hung there since the 1970s. The walls were cleaned and patched and on Sunday a larger crew primed and painted and cleaned some more. The task was gargantuan and exhausting but the result is amazing. Andrew led the project as part of becoming an Eagle Scout.

The LeaderOnly 2% of Scouts achieve this level and the project is a rigorous requirement in which the Scout must exhibit leadership in the completion of a volunteer project. Thanks to Sharon, Kirk, Alex, April, Melissa, Zoe, Celeste, Val, Rachel, Ken, Linda W., Jacqui, and Sarah  for pitching in to make the lobby so lovely and inviting. And a special thanks to Vance Barnes, also an Eagle Scout, for donating his electrical expertise to the project.

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