Great is Tzedakah, Because it Preserves Life

BE is establishing new Benevolence Fund

Please consider a donation to the new Congregation B’nai Emunah Benevolence Fund.  This fund is being established for charitable purposes in order to support individuals and families in need in our community.  According to the IRS “Church and Clergy Tax Guide” contributions to benevolence funds may be claimed as charitable deductions:

  1. If the suggested use is advisory in nature.
  2. If the synagogue retains full control and discretion of the funds.
  3. If donors understand that a recommendation of funds is advisory only and that the organization retains full control over funds, including the authority to accept or reject a donor’s recommendations.

Congregation B’nai Emunah has appointed a committee comprised of one member of its Board of Directors, the Rabbi, and one member from the general community, in order to establish the policy by which funds will be governed.  The benevolence fund policy will be made available to anyone interested in making a designated contribution to the fund.  Thank you for your consideration and support.

For Donations please designate:  CBE Benevolence Fund

In order to apply for funds from the Benevolence Fund, candidates must provide a written request of need (email is fine) that includes amount, purpose, supplier, and services rendered. External verification, such as a bill or invoice, must be presented to confirm legitimate expenses. The committee will review each request to determine whether the funds will be made available to meet the documented need.

Thank you,

The Benevolence Fund Committee

Rabbi Mark Melamut

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1 Response to Great is Tzedakah, Because it Preserves Life

  1. jeffdielle says:

    You can now donate to the Benevolence Fund via the website.

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