Coming Soon to the Giftshop


Tea glasses

These traditional Moroccan tea glasses are colorful and charming pieces of art. You can use them for tea, coffee, wine or as a votive candle holder for a different look.  Start your collection today! 

tea light candles

Beautiful tea glass candles are hand made by women artisans in Marrakesh. They come with alluring scents (orange blossom, Moroccan tea, sweet lavender and chocolate cinnamon. Use one for a relaxing night, a romantic candle lit dinner and any occasion. Then…when the candle has burned out, you are left with a lovely tea glass! to enjoy! 
Just in time for the holidays we are offering a striking RH Honey bowlhoney bowl with a design, steeped in the tradition of  North Africa. The Honey design is deeply rich with the warm tones of emerald, ruby and amber. This bowl will add a touch of sophistication to your holiday table! 

Mediterranean tiles

A fabulous addition to every home are these Mediterranean 4×4 tile trivets which can also be used as coasters. Stop by the shop to get a better look. 

Hamsa metal and brass wall hanging

And finally who among you could resist this delightful metal and brass hamsa wall hanging. The hamsa, a amulet popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa, is believed to originate with the Phoenicians of Carthage. The Jewish community sometimes calls it the hand of Miriam.
We have  a very limited quantity of all these items so you will want to stop by the shop as soon as they are on display!                        
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1 Response to Coming Soon to the Giftshop

  1. April Lapidus says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for posting these. Unfortunately I sent a typo and just noticed it now…my bad! There is an extra exclamation point after glass. Sorry, but thanks again.

    April > > Then…when the candle has burned out, you are left with a lovely tea glass! to enjoy! >

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