High Holiday Greeting by Rabbi Mark

By Rabbi Mark Melamut


Rabbi Mark Melamut

Rabbi Mark Melamut of Congregation B’nai Emunah, San Francisco.

It’s that time of year again, as the Yamim Noraim, the High Holy Days, or as I prefer to call them, The Awesome Days, are already on their way.  Whatever you call them, they arrive quite early this year, or as some say, right on time.  Different people look forward to the holidays for different reasons.

Some are eager to hear the primordial sounds of the shofar that wake us up from our slumber and invite us to consider that a new year of life is ahead of us.  It’s as if the ancient message copied onto the coffee mugs from last year can’t come through any clearer, “If not now, when?”  Some are eager to dollop

The sweet honey onto the tzurres or hardships of the year that has passed in order to move on.  Some have no choice but to remember those who are no longer with them at this time, as the cycle of life has come full circle.  Others are celebrating new life, and still others simply look forward to just gathering together for the holidays to sing, to pray, to review the year, and to be together in community.

Whatever the reason of the season, or your reason for the season, let Congregation B’nai Emunah welcome you back home.  Where else can you find such a caring, vibrant, familiar, and of course, warm, welcoming and friendly place to be, not only for the holidays but for the whole year!  If you haven’t yet seen it yet, please do visit our website and new YouTube video  for a reminder about our special community.  I invite you to consider sharing it, and inviting a friend to join us for the holidays or another program this year.  For me the holidays are like the great doors that swing wide open and say, “Wherever you’ve been, however you are, come on in, just as you are, and see what’s in store for your life!”

These holidays are awesome not only because they fill us with awe and help us connect to those and to that which is larger than all of us, but because they are the touchstone for the rest of the year.  They can help us focus on how to connect, collaborate and create community together throughout the year to come.  Let the New Year 5774 be like a new menu from which we can taste a sample of just some of our rich and rewarding community offerings:

  • Slichot, Sukkot Potluck and Sleepover, Pizza in the Hut
  • Annual Sonoma Retreat, Hanukkah Bazaar, Sisterhood Events, B3 School
  • Fred Lifsitz of the Alexander String Quartet in Concert
  • Experimental Friday evenings: Cab Shabbat, Blues Shabbat, traditional and potluck
  • Family Shabbat – 1st Saturday of each month with Mimi Greisman
  • 2nd Night Community Passover Seder
  • Annual Camping Shabbaton
  • Social Action/Tikkun Olam and volunteering at the SF Food Bank
  • Judaism University and the BE Book Group
  • Havdallah Happy Hour

Rabbi Mark Melamut

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1 Response to High Holiday Greeting by Rabbi Mark

  1. Pete Gleichenhaus says:

    Interesting words. and terrific picture of our Rabbi.

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