Leaving a Legacy – Fred and Lore Walker

Fred Walker, longtime member and Past-President of B'nai Emunah

Fred Walker, longtime member and Past-President of B’nai Emunah

Fred and Lore (z”l) Walker, made plans for the future of Congregation B’nai Emunah many years ago. Both of them have had deep roots in the congregation.  Lore’s father, Eric Mendelsohn, was one of the founding members of the synagogue, as part of the group from Shanghai.  Fred came to the U.S. in 1947 after dramatically escaping the Nazis by jumping from a train en route to Auschwitz.  His connection to B’nai Emunah began in 1952 when he was married by Dr. Kantorowski to his first wife, who sadly died about 30 years later.  Fred married Lore Walker and for the next 25 years they were active and generous members.  They have added so much to our congregation — even the current, blue carpeting that covers the sanctuary and social hall floors. 

Fred has served in many roles, including president of the Board and a member of the Men’s Club and on various committees.  As he said, “one highlight of my life was being President of this beautiful shul for four years.”  Lore coordinated the kiddushes, was a dedicated member of Sisterhood and always tried to help out as she could.  Even when her physical condition became so debilitating, she still wanted to help Fred cashier at the Hanukka Bazaar.  Lore especially loved all the BE children and would regularly buy presents for them at the Bazaar.  Fred continues to support B’nai Emunah by regularly attending and participating in services and some special events.  “This is where I feel comfortable; it’s warm and friendly.”   


Fred has specified in his will that Congregation B’nai Emunah will be remembered with a bequest.  In this way they have planned for the future of the shul and have left a legacy, one that current and future congregants will always remember.   

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1 Response to Leaving a Legacy – Fred and Lore Walker

  1. chaya roberts says:

    Fred Walker is a very generous man. At the Hanukkah bazaar he purchased one hundred dollar
    gift certificate to the Iron Gate Restaurant for the raffle prize. This generosity is rarely found in
    people, a selflessness, a deep caring for the congregation, its continuity. I am happy that Fred
    is finding connection after the death of his beloved Lori. I only knew her as an ill wheelchair
    ridden person. However her cheer was like that of a high school kid dating for the first time!
    We all wish Fred many more decades of happiness.
    Chaya Roberts, member of congregation B’nai Emunah board of directors
    March 2014

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