Sulam for Emerging Leaders — our Dream Team Graduates


Sulam (ladder)  members with Rabbi Mark and Bonnie Lindauer (missing Kristin Suson)

Last Shabbat, July 26th we honored the accomplishments of B’nai Emunah’s Dream Team, who completed in July 2014 a six-month series of workshops related to leadership development.  Each person received a framed certificate and a hammer-bottle opener as a symbol of their role as builders of community.  A delicious Israeli-Mediterrean style kiddush lunch followed.
The graduates are:  Shais St. Martin, Andrew Nusbaum, Naomi Sakamoto, Kristin Suson, Lisa Karpanty, Val Langmuir, Ken Mitchell, and Elena Ingerman.   Amazingly, nearly all of this group are already active as Board members and/or on synagogue committees.  

Rabbi Mark and Bonnie Lindauer attended a training session last November 2013 in New York at the USCJ headquarters.  They co-facilitated a six-unit curriculum which included Torah and Talmud text study, discussion items, journal reflection and activities on such topics as time allocation and prioritization, positive framing, conflict behaviors and constructive approaches to managing conflict, the role that hope, courage and conviction play in leadership, personal  values and vision statements, identification of individual strengths and understanding of Judaism’s emphasis on communal responsibility.  An important part of the experience was deepening relationships and sharing Shabbat dinner.  Rabbi Mark and Hayley hosted the first Shabbat dinner in February and then the group planned their own Shabbat dinners with two smaller groups meeting in June to share Shabbat.

Comments about the experience from this dedicated group of eight have been overwhelmingly positive:  “I feel more confident and comfortable now in the community and with my role on the Board.”  “I have applied some of what I’ve learned in the Sulam sessions at work. It’s been very useful.”  “The best part has been getting to know each other so well.”  “I really enjoy the chevruta, partner study of Torah texts. This is new for me.”  “I hope I have 
become a better listener.”  “The Talmud study was a nice addition to my basic Jewish background.”  “This provided such a great feeling of belonging!”
We are grateful to this team for their time and energy and wish them great success as they continue to climb the sulams (ladders) in their personal, professional and communal lives.  Mazel tov!


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