Getting to Know You Brunch Was Enjoyed By All


Attendees at the Getting to Know You Better Brunch, B’nai Emunah, SF.

The rainy skies stopped down-pouring just in time for the “Getting to Know You Better” brunch Sunday, November 30th from 11:00 am to 1:00 p.m.  Sixteen adults and six children (plus baby Lana Barlev) enjoyed the tasty foods and conversation (well, the kids had their own conversations and activities).  Five of our newest member households were represented, along with a couple of newcomers who discovered B’nai Emunah during the High Holy Days.

After warm welcomes from president Jeff Dielle and Rabbi Mark,  everyone shared information about where they originally are from, what they do (or did if retired), and what hobbies/interests they’re passionate about.  The responses were truly amazing with a couple of people coming from the same city (Portland); a couple others from Eastern Europe; and among the passionate interests were sports, music, art, nature, B’nai Emunah, family, Jewish studies, history, science, and their professions working with social justice and community issues.  Side-conversations continued after the “formal” sharing, a good sign that we actually did get to know each other better!

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