Southside Jewish Collaborative Combats Hunger in San Francisco


The Collaborative Tikkun Olam Committee — The Year of Feeding the Hungry.

Tikkun Olam is translated to mean “efforts individually and collectively to repair or heal the world.”  This year, the four southside synagogues in San Francisco– Beth Israel Judea, B’nai Emunah, Ner Tamid and Or Shalom — have formed a collaborative Tikkun Olam Committee to organize our congregations to help ease hunger in our community by providing food to those in need.  During our “Year of Feeding the Hungry” we will be coordinating volunteer efforts to make sandwiches for the homeless, help out at the San Francisco Food Bank, conduct food drives, donate surplus food from our synagogues’ social events, along with other opportunities to make a positive, healing impact in our community.

The following are some of the ways you can get involved:

  • Sandwich/Bag Lunch Preparation –   Join volunteers from our 4 synagogues to prepare simple bag lunches to be distributed by the SF Dept. of Public Health’s Homeless Outreach Program.  These work sessions are scheduled after each of the monthly Lunch and Learn events and every other month on the first Sunday of the month.  Even if you can’t volunteer to assemble the lunch bags, consider donating the supplies of peanut butter, jam, granola bars and fruit.  Next work group is Sunday, May 3, 2015.
  • Food Bank Volunteering —  Selected months we will have a larger group from the other 3 synagogues to join the steadfast B’nai Emunah volunteers at the San Francisco/Marin Food Bank.  Children aged 4 and older are welcome. Next session is Sunday, April 26th.
  • Non-perishable Food Donations —  We hope to encourage more donations to the food barrels throughout the year (not just at the HHD or Thanksgiving).  Every time you come to the synagogue, try to remember to bring a can of food or some other non-perishable, non-glass container food item.
  • Perishable Food Donations — We are encouraging each of our synagogues to utilize Food Runners, an organization based in San Francisco that delivers donated, prepared food, to shelters and other places that feed the homeless.  According to their website, they “relay food for over 4,000 meals to San Francisco every day.”   With very little effort, we can notify Food Runners of an upcoming event where we expect leftover food and they will gladly pick up the food and deliver to community agencies that feed the hungry and homeless.

Donations of time, talent, money and food supplies are greatly appreciated.  This is your opportunity to help repair what’s broken in the world.

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