Sukkot and Simchat Torah Celebrations

By Rabbi Mark Melamut

Our Sukkot celebration was fantastic this year!  We began with a Friday evening potluck and sleepover, and continued Saturday reading the Book of Ecclesiastes in the sukkah.  The next day was the first day of our B3 classes, as students shook the lulav and etrog and finished up the day with Pizza n’ the Hut!  Following sukkot, our joy continued on Simchat Torah with our annual Candy Parade.  We warmed up with happy hour and dinner and then wrapped up with the sweetness of the torah being unrolled fully before our eyes.

Sukkot 2015

Sukkah sleepover at congregation B’nai Emunah

Forty people squeezed into the B’nai Emunah sukkah for dinner on Friday, October 2nd, and enjoyed the company and singing together. As the families with young children headed home, a hardy few stayed to study in the sukkah with Rabbi Mark. At midnight, a few went for a walk under the moon at the beach, and four spent the night roughing it in the sukkah in their sleeping bags. The morning found the sukkah sleepers sharing a warm breakfast! Join us next year!

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