A Great Miracle Happens Here!

GOAL: 8 days, $8,000 and 100% Participation!


Did you know that our B3 Collaborative Sunday School has over 40 students and our Hebrew school of 7 students is growing?  With an expanding school comes expanding costs, and we are working hard to balance our gelt and resources with these expenses.  As a Hanukkah present for the future of our children, I ask you to consider a gift of support to our school.  As a shamash/leader, each of us can make a big difference in lighting up the Jewish lives of our students with the most important gift:

A Jewish education that is engaging, meaningful and fun.

For each of the 8 days, please consider a daily gift of your choice:

$18.00 x 8 = $144.00

$36.00 x 8 = $288.00

$54.00 x 8 = $432.00

$100.00 x 8 = $800.00

Our Goal this year is to raise $8,000.  Pledges can be made by contacting Shais via phone, email, or just leaving a note in the tzedakah box in our lobby.  Donations can be made by check, credit card or by Paypal through our website, http://www.be-sf.org.

During Hanukkah you will receive an email from me prior to each night’s candle lighting.  Your message will include a teaching that will brighten your Hanukkah presence as you gather around the light of your hanukkiah this year.

The countdown to Hanukkah has already begun.  We are 2 nights away.  Make sure to get your pledge to Shais before we celebrate the first night.

Thank you for your support!
Wishing you and yours a Hag Urim Sameach, a very light-filled and Happy Hanukkah!

Your Rabbi & Education Director,
Rabbi Mark Melamut

About Gabriele Lange

Multi Media Consultant in SF Bay Area WebDesign at City College 2008-2011 Professional Photographer since 1998 Lived in Berlin, Germany between 1987-1994
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