On the 6th night of Chanukkah – “Have You Seen the Light?”

By Rabbi Mark Melamut
HanukkahBeyond presents, dreidel, latkes and gathering with friends and family, our main event for Hanukkah is simply taking in the light.  What though does it mean to really see the light?  Have you seen the light?
“Whoever desires to penetrate the wisdom of holy unification should contemplate the flame ascending from a glowing ember or a burning candle.” (Zohar)
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“Those who walk in darkness will see the great light.  Those who yearn for freedom will find a home.  Darkness rules over the lights and those who stand, still search for miracles. Who will light a candle for the future?  Who will sing a song?  Who will find in their heart a new bright light?  In yesterday’s torch, the fire will still burn.  Sometimes a great miracle occurs. The candles are lit on my window sill.  There are some who will know how to solve my dream.  It is is the same story, the same play ‘in those days and at this time.’ Don’t promise me miracles and wonders.  Even the fog is a sign of the future.  In a stormy season, don’t retreat.  On your way you will find hope and light. Those who walk in darkness will see the great light.” (Naomi Shemer)

Zohar teaches that the source of Hanukkah light is from the Or HaGanuz – “the hidden light.”  In the Hasidic unpacking of this mystical tradition, the hidden light refers to an interior place in every human being.  The beginning of spiritual work is to acknowledge the existence of such a place.  The essence of who I am is, in mystical terms, my Or HaGanuz, my hidden light…It is the DNA of my soul.  It is my soul print.  The infinite value and dignity of every human being comes form the radical uniqueness of every person on the face of the earth…There is a Hasidic tradition to gaze into the flame of the candles for as long as they continue to burn.  Mystically the meditation on the hidden light of the candles has within it the power to open a window to the hidden light of my own unique soul. (Mordechai Gafni)

May the candles of the 6th night open up windows of understanding, discernment and knowledge into each one of us.  May we all see the great light of Hanukkah as ‘the force awakens’ and invites us to take a closer look in order that we may truly see the light we are each meant to see.

Hag Urim Sameach and Happy Hanukkah,
Rabbi Mark

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