Passover Themed Classes

A Passover Potpourri

Congregation B’nai Emunah is offering three classes about the most important Passover Questions. Starting March 31 , every Thursday night from 7-9pm, join Hayley, Frank and Mark for these participatory continuing education classes.

Celebrate Passover by taking a class with Congregation B'nai Emunah this year.

Celebrate Passover by taking a class with us this year.

March 31 “Why is this Night Different from all other Nights?” with Hayley DeLugach

What’s the Source of the Haggadah? Join us at the Roman Symposium to ask a few questions and discuss the origins and meanings of our ancient text. We will explore how the Rabbis of the Talmud developed the Seder on the model of a Roman Symposium with a Jewish twist. Bring your questions and we’ll answer them with history, text, and wine. [no toga required].

April 7 “Let’s Eat: Maintaining Tradition and Seeking Innovation for Passover” with Frank Kurtz

The food traditions of Passover are the most symbolic and meaningful among all Jewish practices. For Ashkenazi Jews the elimination of kitniyot (legumes) as well as chametz (leaven) from the Passover menu presents a challenge in terms of variety and nutrition. Our discussion will focus on two areas: (1) how to prepare a celebratory meal for the seder at the beginning of Passover and (2) how to plan for meals to get us through the rest of the holiday that maintain the traditions as well as the health of our digestive systems. We will have basic recipes for review and discussion, we will be open to contributions from class participants (with possible additional recipes for sharing), and we will have at least one cooking demonstration.


April 14 “Who is the G-d of Exodus (and is this the G-d I believe in)?” with Rabbi Mark Melamut

In this class we will set the scene with the arc of Jewish theology: Creation-Redemption-Revelation.  Given this backdrop we can then zoom in on the story of the Exodus, which we enact every year at our Passover seder.  What is G-d’s main role in the drama of the narrative? We’ll see that G-d plays an active role: listening to those suffering oppression, sending plagues, hardening Pharaoh’s heart, splitting the sea and more.  A central tension that develops is that between life and liberty and what we ought to do in our own lives, as the inheritors of this tension and tradition.  Please join us as we wrestle with this central Jewish narrative, meet its “Leading Role” and discover more about what we believe.



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