Passover Sequel

dayenu_1Dayeinu! It’s enough. With the melodies of the seder songs still lingering somewhere in our heads and running out of new ideas for a schmear to lively up a week of matzah eating, what else can say, or sing, other than, “Dayeinu!” With our four questions chanted, what four questions may still remain with us?
1.) Anyone hungry for pizza?
2.) What does freedom really mean to me?
3.) What do I want to accomplish between this Passover and next?
4.) Can I imagine my life being any different after Passover? In what ways?

We can also learn much about approaching life from the song, “Dayeinu:”

– A Jewish philosopher was once asked, “What is the opposite of hopelessness?” His answer was, “Dayeinu,” the ability to be thankful for all that we have received, for what we are.”

dayenu_2– “And here’s a little baseball Dayeinu to consider at this season. It would have been enough if the Holy One allowed us to play baseball during the day, but we were also allowed to play at night. It would have been enough if we were allowed to play at night and had not gotten a home run, but we were allowed to score in every inning. It would have been enough if we were allowed to score in every inning, but we were also allowed to win. Dayeinu.” (“The Baseball Haggadah”)

– As we begin to conclude Passover, the meanings and melody remain with us as a refrain, reminding us to try to look on the bright side of life and to sing along when we can. Check out the video below, a final melody which is sure to stay with you from the Maccabeats.

Hope to see you for this Shabbat and for our end of Passover Pizza Dinner on Saturday evening. We’ll nosh on that beloved, soft, delicious and cheesy bread and conclude with havdallah!

“Dayeinu, enough already Rabbi.”

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Passover,
Rabbi Mark Melamut

P.S. Happy Passover and thank you to all for your commitment to our Passover Appeal! If you haven’t yet had a chance to pledge, please consider contacting Shais at the BE office. Some matzah crumbs are always better than none.

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